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"We are committed to lifting the burden of constant worry about the wellbeing of yourself or a loved one. Your peace of mind starts at home and that is exactly what we will bring."

 About Us

 Home Care in Philadelphia and surrounding counties:

 We are the solution to the difficulties associated with everyday living activities. Prosperity Home Care is a professional and   reliable home care agency that serves Greater Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery,

 and other surrounding counties. 


 How we support our team and clients:

 The reason why Prosperity Home Care (PHC) is the

 home health care agency for you:

 PASSIONATE - Committed to distributing passionate service to all.

 EDUCATE - We provide training and support for our staff to stay current in healthcare.

 ACCESSIBLE - PHC is reachable; we serve the greater Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

 CARE - Aspire to deliver trustworthy and reliable care for our team and clients.

 ENTHUSIASTIC - We strive to provide trustworthy and reliable care for our team and clients.


 Our principles usher us in providing exceptional care suited flawlessly for you.

 Mission Statement

 To provide exceptional service to each and every individual we serve. We would like to tackle the difficulties that some may face with everyday living activities. Our ultimate goal is to provide a peace of mind to our elderly, persons with disabilities as well as loved ones by bringing professional and compassionate care to the homes of our clients.

 Community Engagement

 Our role in the community is essential. Not only are we here to support our clients and staff, but we also have a pivotal   role in our community so that it can thrive positively; so we provide jobs and opportunities for those who are seeking   work. We offer a space to hear from everyone!

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